Chairman’s Corner


Members of the Chairman’s Corner have invested $5,000 or more within the last year. These members ensure that Friends of The University PAC has the resources needed to support those people who have accepted the challenge of public office and who share our commitment to preserving excellence at UT Austin.

MEMBERS 2021 – 2022

As of 09/25/2022

David J. Beck, Houston
Gary T. Crum, Houston
Bill Cunningham, Austin
Greg Curran, Houston
Gary S. Farmer, Austin
John Goff, Fort Worth
Robert Graham, Houston
Wallace B. Jefferson, Austin
Cornelia C. Long, Houston
Janiece Longoria, Houston
Charles Matthews, Dallas
Richard W. Mithoff, Houston
John Nash, Houston
Harry M. Reasoner, Houston
Douglas W. Schnitzer, Houston
Stuart W. Stedman, Houston
Stephen Stout, Austin
W. Glenn Street, Graham
Sam L. Susser, Corpus Christi
Jeff Swope, Dallas
Ralph B. Thomas, Houston
Carlos Zaffirini, Jr., Austin