New PAC Board Set to Discuss Plan of Action

The Friends of The University PAC board will meet this month to discuss the vision for the PAC and a plan for the future. Among the issues the PAC will address are contributions to current officeholders in the Texas Legislature, as well as plans for the 2015 Legislative session. It is vital to the success of The University that we help those who share our commitment to preserving excellence at UT Austin.

William Cunningham, who has been the board’s chairman, is remaining on the board and will continue to serve as chairman. Michael Cook and Michelle Brock, who have also been board members, will continue in their roles. Michael Cook will continue to serve as Treasurer of the PAC. Several new members have also joined the PAC board: Steve Ballantyne, David Beck, Wallace Jefferson, Charles Matthews, Annie Holand Miller, and Harry Reasoner.

To ensure The University maintains its status as an institution of the first class, the PAC needs your support. If you would like to learn more about the PAC’s efforts, please sign-up to receive updates and more information. You can also make a donation to the PAC to help us support legislators who support UT.

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