PAC Board Meets: Discusses 2015-2016 Contribution Plan; Launches New Major Donor Fundraising Initiative

The PAC Board met recently to discuss the contribution plan for the 2016 election cycle and to launch the new major donor fundraising initiative. The current board members are Dr. Bill Cunningham, Chairman, Mike Cook, Treasurer, Steven Ballantyne, David Beck, Michelle Brock, Wallace Jefferson, Charles Matthews, Annie Holand Miller, and Harry Reasoner.

During the meeting the board made a decision to make immediate contributions to the top 3 state leaders that impact the legislative process – the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker.  The board authorized $10,000 for each officeholder.

The board also expressed a desire to have an additional $250,000 to donate to other candidates in the 2016 election cycle, which will allow the PAC to increase the average contribution and donate to more candidates (in the 2014 cycle, the PAC contributed to 43 candidates). This creates a significant fundraising goal for the PAC which will be achieved through a combination of special events and direct solicitations by e-mail, mail, and phone.

The PAC has also extended an invitation to Gov. Greg Abbott to be our featured guest at a statewide event. We hope to receive a date from him soon and will announce that immediately so you can make plans to attend.

The board hopes you will contribute, if you haven’t already, and will encourage others to contribute, so we can continue to support elected officials who help further The University of Texas at Austin’s efforts to maintain excellence and remain an institution of the first class.

You can make your contribution online at or you can mail it to Friends of the University PAC, PO Box 50552, Austin, Texas 78763.

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